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Project Description
C++ AMP LAPACK Library is a library of linear algebra subroutines that C++ AMP developers can freely use in their own projects. Note that this project builds upon and is dependent upon the C++ AMP BLAS library.

Prerequisite Understanding
C++ AMP is an open specification, with an implementation from Microsoft in Visual Studio 2012. There are many C++ AMP samples for you to get started. This codeplex project, is about additional library support for C++ AMP.

This is NOT a library that is ready to use at this time! It is an actively worked on project by Microsoft engineers. We are only sharing it on codeplex in its current infancy form to encourage early feedback and to attract developers that want to contribute to this library. When the library has matured to an Alpha release stage, we will update this description and create a download/release for it - for now only the source code is made available. If interested, please read the Contribution Guidelines at

Thank you for dogfooding!

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